Sunday, 21 July 2013


The figures I've made so far can be summarised as follows:
(L-R) Garrison Commander & Bodyguard
(L-R) Aide/Medical Officer/Vehicle Commander
"Standard Squad"
6 Troopers/sub-officers
"Support Squad"
6 Support Troopers

"Garrison Sniper"
1 sniper (carbine with suppressor, scope and folded bipod)
"Assault Squad"
8 troopers in body armour equipped with blasters, ropes, seismic devices, demo charges, knives and a rocket launcher (plus 2 copies of the 6 head sprue, and 2 copies of the alternative weapon sprue)

"Elite Troopers"
4 Troopers

"Male Civilians"
3 male figures in long robes, could be suitable as court flunkies, priests etc

"Female Civilians"
3 female figures in long dress, could be suitable as ladies of the court, priestesses etc

1) Female infiltrator (no weapons visible - usable as a civilian)
2) Old Man (no weapons visible - usable as a civilian)

"The Brute"
1 Torturer

1 prone figure (will fit on medical buggy)

"Space Wasp"
Alien flying creature, with wings sprue (no stand)

"Croc Hound"
small alien hound (see size comparison on "Coming soon" page)

I've also had some vehicles built and cast in resin:

"Medical" Buggy
Six-wheeled remote controlled/automatic stretcher (I've added a casualty figure to my "todo" list

"Supply" Buggy
Six-wheeled remote controlled/automatic supply carrier - has a separate "pop-up" weapons rank.

"Scout" Buggy
Six-wheeled manned/unmanned scout (depending upon how you paint the dome, eg glass or solid)

"Troop Carrier"
Six-wheeled carrier (added some crew to my todolist)

"Missile" Buggy
Six-wheeled remote controlled support vehicle. Launcher fixed forward (like an S-tank, or Stug)

Remote or AI pilotless vehicle


How to get hold of some?

This is a personal project, rather than a commercial venture - wargaming is my hobby.  Having said that I understand that some people may want to get hold of castings of this project.  If you do, please email me with your full name and address (so I can give you an idea of postage costs) to the following email: